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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Channel: 1/19/2011

This is the transcription of the channel session held in the board room on 1/19/2011.

To discuss:  more about fear and love.  We didn’t have enough time to discuss it last time, and they have a bit to do with the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your life.

The 12 houses are comprised of the 12 different learning steps of life. The end result is love over fear.  You want the highest number under love.  We invite you to close your eyes and listen to what we have to say and allow your soul to determine resonation. In this small room your resonation may be bouncing off of one another.   Go within and allow your soul to listen.  Last week we discussed communicating w/ your soul if you try. If you listen w/ your soul tonight, you may get a deeper resonation than fear or love. You may want to dig deeper by allowing your soul to hear versus allowing your mind to listen. Your spirit may listen as well, but allow the soul to hear everything and not overreact to the complications. Some of the information may disrupt your belief system completely.  Nothing is written in stone. You don’t have to believe it if you choose not to. If your soul recognizes as its truth, that is fine. If not, that is fine as well. You take what you can.   You may have to hear some of the information over and over before it takes effect. It may never take effect.
We’ll begin with the 12 houses in the cones: 199 cones, 7 cones within each cone. Inside of each cone is 12 houses. Within each house, are 7 of the same cones.  Within each house of control there are 7 cones with the same 7 levels on the same 7 cones (chakras, DNA, past life, present life, contracts, life plan, and personality).  Life form is multi-dimensional. It’s far more than your concept of dimension.  Your technology output for the past 30 years has been very rapid.  Once you get a piece of information, you build quickly.  Some of this can be explained because of the innovations in technology.  If you had been told some of these years ago, it would not have been understood simply because of the advance of technology.  You have the technology to make some of what we discuss easier to understand.  If humans can communicate the way they can, imagine what the universe can do. 
You have the 7 cones w/in each house.  All of your experiences are within each box.  You have the 12 different houses crossing over one another. When you have the swirling, you have the rotating notes, your cones turn clockwise and counterclockwise, your windows go the opposite direction energetically.  When you have the 7 cones w/in each house, they are going the same direction as the outer cone.  Each cone has 4 chords. It gets quite deep.  This is all overlapping – 199 chakras overlapping.  Your ego, superego and spirit are all trying to make sense of it. 
Back to fear and love:  you have love and fear over each other. Love is the bottom line of “god-ism”. Love is the connect ability of oneness to each other. Love is the human word for many different parts of what exist to the highest level of vibration. Under love are several levels of love. 
When you have control and awareness and the other houses, and there are experiences planned, you are given a great deal of free will. Once you enter a track that is your destiny. Free will is less prominent once you choose your path.  When you enter the highway and there is as detour and you wind up back to the main road if you follow the detour.  If you stay on path, you get back on track. That is much like your human life. Once you choose a path, things that were preset are pretty much destiny or fate.  They are 2 different things but similar meaning. You can detour, but choices are made and crossroads are created to allow you to reevaluate and reflect to see if you want to continue this path. You have free will with many many choices.  Once you take a choice, you are on your destiny again and fate will take more places on that route, which could take you onto a different path if you firmly rebut your life plan.  This doesn’t happen often, but it can. 
That goes together with each of the 12 houses. There are crossovers. All 12 house experiences could cross over with each other.  Your soul knows how to separate and distinguish them, as does your chakra.  They know how to sort them.  It’s only electricity sending the vibration toi the houses and determining how much love or fear was involved with each choice.  Bottom line is to move experiences from fear up to love.  Under Control and Love there will be several different experiences from conception toi death.  During that time, many levels of love will be involved. It’s not about finding romantic love , or love for your church or flowers. The love we’re talking about is bigger than the love you are aware of. It throws everything into the highest vibration.  Within each word is another vibration.  Loving a person is a cognitive concept.  The person next to you may have a different level of love or definition of love.  No one in this room has experienced what true love – absence of being – feels like. Many of us in the room have felt to the fullest, fear. Fear is the tough one.
In the fear concept, there are many dimensions of fear, flight, or disconnect.  The typical level of fear (flying, bugs, and claustrophobia) can have other levels as well. Your body and soul has taken every concept discussed and split it apart.  Each experience exhibiting fear, you won’t have love and fear, anything other than 100% love is another level of love, same with fear.  When you say “I’d love to … but I’m afraid to” that level of fear is measured by the body hormonally and physiologically.  When you think or say those words, there is a vibration sent through the body, through the nervous system and registering true fear.  Your soul understands your level of fear and it registers in the cones and houses.  It’s much like your credit scores.  Your body is your Geiger counter. The tones and experiences of your life are measured.  Traumatic childhood causes a lot of fear. Globally, there is a lot of fear on the planet.  It drives the rotation of the Earth. It goes down to the core of the earth.  Your body is the Geiger counter for your soul, humans are like the Geiger counter for the earth.  When there is a lot of fear, it is transferred and down into the soul of the earth.  Your body does the same thing:  creates cancers, and other illnesses.  What does your body create?  What does the Earth create?  The volcanic tunnels (veins of the earth) are becoming very constrictive which causes eruptions.  The earth has “varicose” veins if you will and is working on a way to release.
A small amount of fear is measured and filed away in a box. Your fear and love can be transferred—not given away. The other person can decide what level of love or fear they take from you.  You have influence. Your actions influence others. Your words influence others; your life influences others. You influence each other very much. It’s hard as a human to measure it; it’s not difficult for your soul to measure.  
When you have concepts taking place: fear and love, it’s the level of value that you have. Joy is a subcategory of love which is working up to love. You’ll go out of love into happiness and bliss. As a human you have to have words rather than just having “happiness”. You’ve met people who are just “happy”.  You find joy or happiness in doing something you love.  That register then rises.  All of those energies are spread through the neighborhood.  Does your soul have a concept of how important you are on a deeper level?  Each one of you needs each other.  Each of you need to be loving to each other. When you’re not, fear raises almost 2 xs as fast.  It’s easy to bring a room down, and difficult to bring the room back up.  It takes a lot of joy to replace fear.  Fear is instant.  To find and experience joy and experience is harder than fear. You can go to fear in an instant.  You have human experiences to teach us not to show your true self. Fear is guarding you as well. Fear of allowing others to see the truth in you. The true self of you because you’re afraid.  When you shut the doors, it’s hard to open the doors. It can be done, but it is difficult. Sometimes you revert back to the old you. TV is not all bad. There are a lot of positives. It assists people in getting ready for future events. When the event happens, the fear level isn’t as high.  When you are watching a show and you cry out of love or fear, it also goes into your body and spreads through your neighborhood or country.
In your country there is a lot of fear that wasn’t there 8 – 10 years ago. 15 – 20 years ago was another crossroads for your country.  A lot of fear is going into the earth.  The people you surround yourself with could be influenced by you to shift from fear to love… or at least like.  Just be kind.  Kind is a type of love. You can alter your truth; you can alter what you show people. You can alter who your personality is. That’s what healing is all about.  It won’t fix everything, but it will fix a lot. If nobody had challenges, the country would be quite narcissistic.
We’re going to speak to your soul and spirit. When everything is turning with your wheels, when each major religion was developed, it was developed for people to have a variety of experiences for a different higher being. A different level of spirituality.  On all planets, the question is what is out there and what is the force behind my actions?  Where does this “stuff” come from? What makes me do what I do?  A different deity was created for the culture and time of that location:  Buddha, Hindu, Native American, Christian.  As humans became more “intelligent” some of the ideas didn’t make sense any longer.  “Common sense” was brought into our belief systems and societal control.  Deities were created to control everything.  If we have nothing to identify with it, we can’t cheapen it or knock it down. We created mystical figures. Human is brought down and created a belief system. All belief systems brought down the same basic covenants.  While it is believed by our vibrational system if you are in the American belief system, you have a tendency to remain in that belief system.  Typically, you would not rush to a different belief system in a spot.  You don’t get the full impact of Hinduism unless you are born and raised in it.  There are rare people who can reincarnate into a different belief system, but it’s rare.  We’re advising you to observe how different cultures embrace something because it’s different and there is a fear that they may be wrong and another faith is “right”.  
What about Buddha and Jesus?  What about the other “messiahs”?  All of these religions say something similar to “you were created in my image”.  What image?  The image you were created in is the image of bio magnetic electrical energy:  the soul, not your body. When you envision Jesus to look like what he looks like, that is not what he looks like.  The image is the universal spirit energy.  Your Soul. Jesus doesn’t look like Jesus.  You don’t look like you; you look like your soul.  That bright light and lightening in your root chakra is where it’s housed and glows.  When your soul begins to depart your body, you can sometimes see it happening.  Some of you are tuned in to others. Your soul is the image. It’s not just the image of Jesus and Buddha.  It’s also the image of God.  God is NOT God.  God is Spirit or soul. Total Soul. It’s the collective unit of all souls in the universe that have not gone by the way of fear.  Fear is the lightning of the universe… the dark cloud. You might call that demonic or devilish. God is the collective unit of all souls that have decided to go the direction away from fear.  When people say God is within you, it’s as truism.  God is only a word created for Supreme Being. The universe is the Supreme Being. When you pray or meditate or send out positive brainwaves, you’re sending them to the collective universe. You’re sending to each living being.  When this group was praying for a person or animal, it was being collectively responded group. The asking part as well. Your soul is part of the universal soul.  God is not a single entity.   The universe is broken down w/ different levels of energy. Your soul is a part of it.  When you reincarnate enough to get enough love to take yourself to the next level.  If you can’t start w/ love, just start w/ like. Start with appreciation. Lower the fear factor.  Love will grow.  Start simply.  You are helping people all over the world and sometimes don’t appreciate yourselves as the power you have.  Globally they are starting to get it.  Not universally yet.  You have a lot of power on this planet.  Yes, the God you think you know IS in you because YOU are a part of it. You’re not separate from It.  Fear can disconnect you.
When you work on someone, work on the fear that created the illness.  You don’t have to relive it; you just want to heal the level of fear that created it.  The color systems love and fear will be discussed in level 3.  For right now, know that you are love. It’s the measure of love. There is not one single entity of God; there are all souls that have chosen the love route over the fear route. Hitler was a fear route person.  That should decide to go the fear route. You have politicians who have gone fear route. They may or may not have chosen the fear route. Vice President Cheney went the fear route. They have a lot of fear.  He’s gone the complete fear route. Even in modern history there are people who have gone the fear route. Your government has one coming up who will go the fear route.  A stronger one, coming up. A stronger one.  Your present government is weak enough not to recognize it happening to change the direction. Depending upon how much humans outside of the fear factor step outside of the fear can change that destiny. Can change the person that’s chosen the fear factor and not let it happen. It needs to be soon.  It’s developing. It’s taking hold in your country. The closed circuitry is very strong around this person. Love can combat it.  You can love and change that.  Don’t go into fear mode. Stay in like and love mode.  You can change each other.  If you can’t “love” just appreciate and like more. Show it more on a genuine basis.  
The house of guilt is the next house.  This is a big one.  This is SIN.  These are the rules you were set up to feel.  There’s a lot of different guilt. Guilt is negative.  That is fear… a part of fear energy. Remorse is another part of guilt.  Another level of guilt. Remorse for something that you feel you did wrong against society, morality that HUMANS have established a standard for. One of the emotions assigned w/ guilt is sadness.  Generally, you know why you are sad.  You know why you feel guilt, but don’t want to be honest with yourself.  Guilt has been used by many societies. 
Guilt is very powerful, but unless y ou realize why you’re sad or crying, it will just keep popping up.  There has to be a release.  It will generally come out in an emotional outburst… and it has to be controlled in public.  We feel sinful for crying. We go deeper and deeper into fear mode. We’re aware of it , so that house gets Kudos.  The less guilt the more happiness inside.  Once we learn what happiness feels like, we don’t have to feel guilt and sadness. If you give up the guilt and sadness, embrace the love and like.  Lower walls not build them. Lower the bridges don’t pull them up or blow them up.  Create the likeness inside… not mentally, soulfully. 
Is depression part of guilt?  Yes, it can be a part of the guilt.  Your body is the Geiger counter for your soul. When depression sets in , it’s a larger set of guilt and remorse.  It drains the energy of the body. It makes the soul very very tired.  It’s more than feeling sad and crying.  
Is the fear in the earth going to change or not? That’s a predictive, and we don’t like to do predictives. There are opportunities for it to shift and humans are a part of the opportunities.  There is time for the earth to shift. 
I’d like to say for the last 3 months, I’ve thought of this, and appreciate what you’ve said. 
It’s not a big splash that there was only 1 God or 1 Buddha.  We feel your energy.  This is a powerful group as healers. 
If guilt was used by religions to control people?  How is it used today? The same way… “you’re going to go to hell if you don’t get saved”.  Catholicism was very good at using fear.  They were one of the original groups to control the masses. It was largely directed toward women because they are the child bearers. They create the next generation. The men were in control, but men were needed to fight.  Women were brought under scrutiny most often because they were the child bearers.  Sometimes they turned out challenged or disabled in some way so it was the women’s fault.  If we have a male politician, we can put them on the racks or torture racks.  Even in your own country the witches were women. Women give up and become so fearful. Men were fighters. 
Its felt to me that a lot of people are crossing over. I’ve wondered if there is something to add their energy at a stronger level.  This is complicated.  The number is higher because there are more of you. The number seems higher because it’s easier to get the information out.  There are a few more spirits leaving because earth  is very old, and they are going to the next dimension plus, some of the younger souls coming in now are coming from higher dimensions from other dimensions.  They are grossly different from children 10 years ago. Children today are much more in tune than Indigo children. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011 Meeting
When the barometric pressure is as it is tonight, it makes it nice on us (Channel).  The crispness and lightness of the air makes it nice for us when we travel. 

When you heal yourself, you are healing others.   Allowing them to be a witness to your process and allowing yourself to gain more information for your cones or key. 

Tonight we are half way through the 12 houses in the cones.
1.       control

2.        awareness
3.        Esteem
4.        Trust
5.        Compassion
6.        Truth

Tonight we will discuss their importance.  Of the 12 weeks, this middle one has the most bite in it.  The first 12 is primal, very basic.  It goes to the very grounding of who you are as a soul. It goes to your past lives.  This one is awakening your spiritualness and giving you some concreteness. Something you can sink your teeth into. The first sets up the body, now you are getting solid information.  We invite you to really take this time sincerely. Listen closely and apply these 12 items and go to the depth of them. Do some human research on them.

When we speak to you, we are speaking in a language known to you. Not everyone in the world/universe speaks this language.  Regardless of which language we are speaking, it is all vibration to us. Even though there are different words, there is a translation.  Go into your encyclopedias/ dictionaries and look for the depth of these concepts.  Broaden your horizons aside from what we are sharing with you. It’s always deeper.  When you get to the depth, you will find different meanings.  You are a world of complex people. Multiple languages, multiple vibrations.  For your culture, you want to stick close to home.  You may have some history somewhere else in the world to deal with your DNA. How many in here have an affinity towards another country? You feel at home w/ their language or culture?  You may have some history in those countries. You’ve had many many lives.  This is a time to put in some work into your healing process.  You’re doing a couple of things you see. Some are traveling to Indonesia, you’re also doing the tones and using the tones for yourself and others.  Your ascendants and descendants get your healing. You may see more healing in your family than yourself.  You are also listening to us and how your soul retrieves this information.  You’re doing quite a bit.

Remember to set your intention. Go back and look at what control means. See what awareness’s come about. Look at the other aspects as well. How have they interfered?  How have they worked in your life?  Review your life.  Review the beauty of your life.  When I was the least / most compassionate? Etc.  Am I out of balance? Where do I lay in my awareness? Do I share those things with grace? Do I just fend for myself?  They overlap. Do some soul searching.  This is a point in time to do some study on you. That will help you with your intentions with the tones.  We discussed active participation instead of allowing the tones do what they do or allowing prayer do what it does. Be active in your healing process. Every human transition in and out of this life. Every living force goes to another place to evaluate. While it may say our humanity gets hold of us and looks at time in earthly times, be aware of your mortality and immortality. Don’t have to get deep into it, tomorrow is tomorrow. Today is gone. Go in and do some looking.  Look into the 6 items and see where you fit. 

What we would invite you to do now is explain how this all benefits and what your end goal is. We don’t what to wait until the very end. The 12 houses have experiences and life plans in them.  You have your life plan, it has all these experiential things and it raises the vibration when you successfully complete certain tasks.
What is the goal of these tasks?  There are 2 possibilities – when you have a positive, you have a negative. When an infant, new soul, is born from the universal life force energy and placed into the system, starts at life… we’ll say it’s a brand new soul in this dimension… it comes into this life, finds its family and enters. When that soul is given birth from the universe, 2 components that come with it are love and fear.  Throughout its lifetime, the windows in the cones are spinning are picking up the codes while in the grace of the universe, has decided which experiences and tasks it will have. This is where free will comes into play. There are already experiences programmed into the houses.  As they have their experience, the final goal is maximize love so there is no longer a clear balance. When a new soul comes in it is half fear, half love. The goal is full love. As the being goes on thru different lifetimes and reincarnates, when they evaluate their lives, they determine their balance factor:  love is the highest vibration fear is the lowest. In some sense, fear is evil. Love is God.  You may say fear is the Devil. There is a balance in that.

Love is the highest positive of the 2. That is your end goal. To raise the infant soul to the highest level of vibration in the universe. As you incarnate over and over, your soul is part of your consciousness.  As your body transitions and reincarnates, it develops a spirit by the dogma or religiousness you are being raised in.  Everyone has this.  Remember this last week, the water bearer was discussed.  Don’t be surprised with future happenings w/ large bodies of water. It will continue. Continue of destruction by water. 

You have your body as its reincarnating. It’s developing a spirit. The DNA is taking on characteristics after lifetimes.  A young soul has infinite choices. Their free will is open. They have a lot of opportunity to fall into fear or love.  Their choices are very many. They can go through lifetimes quickly if they choose.  As you move through lifetimes you develop your DNA and you develop history with your soul. 

You can also say that you are developing a language with your soul. You’re developing a communication if you care and are aware enough to do so.  If you tried to.  If you work on it you could communicate w/ your spirit.  It’s your spirit. 

You bring in and develop your history and DNA. You develop in your body and soul. It’s chronologically placed into your cell structure. Every experience you’ve had is in your body somewhere. Negativities are placed in certain parts of your bodies.  Some of you die from the same part of your body over and over until you learn from it.  If you choose to go to level 3 we may tell you which illnesses / negative energy goo in which organ. You’re developing the fear factor and trying to develop the love factor. As in human life, it’s easier to go the negative route often times than the positive route. We get more action when we go the negative route.  Gossiping is easier than loving in many cases. Then you have the complication of finding balance in fear and love.

What is fear?  It would be good if you could research love and fear.  You may learn richness for Amore over “LOOOVVEE”.  We want you to e aware. It may be time to do some research and study to your own healing and growth.  Learn more about the richness of the connection with somebody.  Love in the global sense is the highest order of affection that can be freely given from one person or element to another.  The highest vibration.  Some people are wonderful pet owners… love love love cats or dogs.  Look at how you interact5 with that animal vs. how you interact w/ humans. Your love for that entity often gets the real knowledge or love of you. It’s seen everywhere. You’ve seen how you talk to their favorite little dog… baby talk… it’s wonderful how they pamper that animal. It’s unconditional love.  It offers back unconditional love. You can leave that animal for weeks and it will still love you when you come back. People can be cruel and the animal will love them anyway.  They will sit with them when they’re ill, or after they pass. It goes both ways.  If you’re a pet lover, you yell at your pet.  You show your true self to pets than to other humans. That’s realism. If you study yourself, you’ll see this.  There are degrees of animal lovers. When doing your love checking, keep in mind… how much do you share about yourself with other people?  How much do you offer yourself in a loving caring gentle way? 

Your spirit is rich with love even if the words aren’t when you’re talking to a child you love. Love is the highest level of vibration. Unconditional love. You must have the highest level of love for yourself as well.
As these experiences go and develop their levels that will be your last time on this planet and dimension.  It’s eternal.  The learning goes on and on.  Once you’ve reached the highest level in all 12, or highest in most. Love is the highest.

Fear is the darkest part. Humans are given positive direction in fear in their ego. The fear is to protect from dangers outside of you.  Fire, catastrophe… doesn’t live in fear, but be aware of appropriate amounts of fear. All encompassing fear is a disconnect. It’s not positive to be constantly on guard. As the infant learns fear, others around have a hard time being themselves. If you knew the truth of how wonderful you are, you’d be surprised.  You’re amazing human beings. If you moved out of the walls: fear of others seeing you…  Not the kind where you draw attention to how wonderful you are. The fear of being yourself. Usually fear of yourself means you are afraid to show people the trueness of you because you don’t know who you are. Learned fear has taken over the percentage of love.  “I would do this but …” Usually fear of change keeps you from doing what you need to do.  It’s been very cleared out the optimal way to do the tones. Some of you have done it, others haven’t.  We’re not evaluating ourselves the level of intention we are putting into it, we’re waiting for others to do it for us so we don’t have to see the changes for fear of what they are. Fear is big. That’s the devil or the demon. The fear. The not knowing.

What happens to your body?  Some of you are shy… why is that?  Afraid we’ll be judged and evaluated by the room. You’re telling yourself you’re not good enough. Your self esteem is at play.  It may be tougher the next time around. Your choices are getting fewer.  It may be harder next time. You may have to be born and die quickly. You may have to be born with a deformity to be able to present yourself as you truly are.  Where there is generosity, there has to be someone else. 

The goal of the 12 housed is to raise the vibration of love.  We invite you to do some soul searching and some spirit searching.  What has your spirit taught you about love?  What is the truth of what you believe about your morality?  What is the truth of your spirit?  Look into what you gravitate towards. 

The 7th house is humility.  Modesty. The lack of ego.  Reverence.  Lack of rudeness. Lack of arrogance. Inner joy. Inner happiness. A knowing that you know nothing and have peace around it.  Humans have a lot of ideology around humility.  Look within and see how humble you are or are not.  Your end goal is eliminating decreasing fear.  Bless the fears that have made you aware and kept you safe.  Lower the fear that gets in the way of loving other people.  Most of you don’t see yourself worthy of things.  That’s not humility. That’s cowardice.  That’s low self esteem.  When you truly realize you don’t know anything and can offer wisdom of something, the wisdom of life, you can bring substantial humility about your world.  You don’t have to be right all the time.  You don’t have to know everything. There is peace, inner peace the more humble an individual is.  The divinity of humility. 

The bottom line is, they move in and out of one another. The wheels spin and rub when there is interference. When your body goes into fear mode your body changes.  Your cells muscle up, blood vessels tighten up… the memory goes into that cell. 

Allow forgiveness with yourself.  Don’t judge others in ugly situations.  Don’t worry about the other person. Look into yourself.  See how much love was involved.  See how much fear was involved. Fear isn’t only about being hurt… it can also be about being seen. 

We are planning on meeting at 630 tonight.  There is a full moon meditation at the church at 6:30.  The preference all around seems to be having session at 6:30.  It stands that the 1/19/11 session will be at 6:30... no change.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

January 05, 2011

The notes from 1/5/2011 were cut off short.  I’ve got my theories on what happened, and will be happy to discuss with anyone interested in hearing, but I’m not sure I want to post it here in the blog.  I apologize for not getting all of the conversation from the Channel, and will not post the notes provided to me by Kathryn because I believe, ultimately, the recorder cut off for a reason, and those that took notes took the notes they were meant to have.  Those of us that didn’t take notes, for whatever reason, were not meant to have the information any further.  Might sound a little crack-pot, but there you go. 
Apparently I’m not being fired from writing the blog yet.  There was some discussion regarding the effectiveness of the blog.  A copyright notice has been placed on the blog. 
We want to reintroduce some of the information discussed from last week. We didn’t get in everything, so we will discuss that first and then discuss the new information about the 12 life lessons. 

Last week we discussed difference in spirit and soul. We discussed that the soul is a living entity. It is your identity mark on the spiritual world, in the soulful world of the universe.  From the good aspect of the spiritual living beings. Energetic beings of the universe. When a new soul is born, it is given a body in some spiritual realm. As it learns, it reincarnates. The soul starts out like a human infant, it learns as it grows. It learns to be a human. When it’s done w/ this planet, it goes to the next outer realm to review what the human learned during this time frame.  At that time, the humanness is left behind.  The soul only takes with it the experientialness of this life.  It doesn’t take this body with it.  Your soul is going without it.  Your soul looks at all the things you had planned to learn. In your plan, you may have 16 trillion plans over a lifetime. If you make this decision then you have consequences. There are always choices. You may have 2 directions or several directions.  Because you have a life plan does not mean you’re going to do them all.  You have many choices.  There are so many choices. When you go to the “ante-room” to examine your life, you experience it on a feeling basis. It’s a magnetic electrical response.  It’s no longer bio magnetic because you are no longer alive on the earth plane.  It is the response to your experiences on the earth. Your soul is trying to mature in a spiritual way.  It learns on a magnetic electrical response. The electrical energy from each lesson, controls for example, all humans are here to learn something about control. If you’ve learned a great deal about control through many negative control issues to get to the positive control experience.  I.e. prisoners learn control through being controlled in prison.  It’s a harsh lesson by human standards, but needed for them.  In some ways, they are sacrificing. In all societies, there is good and evil.

We discussed religion. Someone said “there will always be good. There will always be evil. But when good does evil, there must be religion.”  There is good and evil in a natural sense. A child says the most honest and truthful things until they learn about religion and good and evil.  We’re not knocking religion, but that is when children are indoctrinated with good and evil. Until they are indoctrinated, they say the cutest things and don’t understand the difference between good and evil.  When your energy is up & it’s getting the feeling, it goes into a record; an electrical record and rises the vibration of the lessons learned.  So far, you know you are learning humanistically:  Control is a human word. The concept is much bigger in the universal life force energy than it is the narrow context of your dictionary or verbal response. When we say vibrationally control, open your mind to bigger, much more global concepts.  You are already aware of Control, awareness and esteem.  You know those are already some of the lessons all humans are here to learn. Of the 12 lesson and you’re learning these experiences and taking the experiences with you, it raises the control factor.  If you had a bar graph, you could see control, awareness and esteem rise from different life experiences until it raised to the top. The goal is total healing.   A color is assigned to each aspect.  Next level we will discuss the color system of the rainbow and what each of those rankings is and which of the colors denote which house. 

When you go and evaluate your experiences, you take the experiences and evaluate how aware you were in this life time. How did you know or sense the ability of what is going on around you?  Was your life very casual?  There is a difference between going w/ the flow and aware of the flow.  Some people are “airy” and not “aware” of what is going on.  People who seem to go with the flow may be very wise and not get caught up in the mundaneness in the life, and enjoy the living aspects of life.  When you start living and evaluating whether you are aware of what is going on in your life without judgment. Esteem is quite judging. You value yourself or not. You place a value system on yourself.  That’s not what we’re talking about here. Awareness of your life. Control of your life. Esteem of your life. Do you value and how much do you value yourself?  What is the value? When your soul goes up, on a magnetic electric response system, it values the 12 items, and by feeling thru an electrical charge that would feel good to your soul when all the lights from all the 12 items.  Imagine you would be the rainbow seen one day.  You’re not just a rainbow, but a song as well.
You have your brightness of your rainbow with music. As your rainbow rises, your song rises and becomes more in harmony with the universe. Do you see how beautiful you are? That you’re a bright song and color in the universe. You’re part of the rainbow. That’s the goal of the human:  to have the fullest color. 

Religion or spirit is manmade.  It can get convoluted. Spirit is brought in after you’re born. Spirit doesn’t come in with you:  spirituality and soul, yes.  Spirit-no.  The spirit is a man made created entity residing within you as an energy built and created and growing within you. It’s an energy you’ve placed in there.  The spirit is the man-madeness, or humanness in you. It’s the energy discussed earlier that causes you to do good and evil.  Your religious system is indoctrinated into you. In this continent, the primary religion is Christian sprinkled w/ other systems.  That is in you. You will always go seeking that format, or compare all other spirit formats to your original faith system.  It’s instinctive in your DNA now.  If you’re a 1st generation, it may take awhile for that to shift. Your DNA spirit is here, and continues to grow within.

Your mind or your ego is the other entity.  Your personality or your humanness.  It controls your body and assists in controlling your body and soul. You have 3 entities within your body:  Soul, Spirit and Ego controlling and manipulating you. It’s your decision which to listen to if you are aware.   Many don’t realize how your system w/ you works.  We often hear “if only I knew… then I would do…” that’s not what your ego is agreeing to.  That may be your soul or spirit saying that. Your ego is saying “you wouldn’t because you’ll be afraid because we are in control”. Most times, the ego or brain is what was taught to be human. It was taught to be human. It was taught in a negative + positive way. You have more going on w/in your body than you realize. If you put your brain on hold and check w/ your soul, you’ll learn so much more. You have to return to the soulful child. This child may be wise. Can you tap into this energy? Yes… quiet your mind and ask your soul to come forward and teach you.  THEN, you have to pay attention to the life lessons.  You have to listen to the 12 lessons and see if you can tap into your soul.  Not your spirit. Not your ego.  Your ego has done wonderful things. It’s taught you to get along in life. We understand that you have to be human. But you have to understand that these experiences are those you chose.  We want you to get the most positive out of your experiences.  You can reach your soul or spirit or you can stay in your ego. Most humans stay in their ego and allow the soul to sleep because they have the religion going on. The rules.  If you reached to your soul, you may be able to take your soul bigger.  Whatever religion you talk about is a man made tool where your soul has no boundaries. Your ego is trying to keep your safe in the way that it was taught.  You are not your ego.  One of the 12 things to learn is Truth (#6).  Your truth is not your ego.  The truth of you is not the person that you portray.  It’s not remotely close to what you portray. 

What is truth?  Truth is an accepted standard governed by humans to be the truth of the masses.  By your experiences, they shed their truths or experiences onto you.  So that is who you became humanistically.  Is that your truth?  Your true self is much higher vibration.  Discovering your truth is part of your lesson journeys.  You are in this classroom to help you discover your truth.  That’s what the tones ill help you do because they speak to the soul.  When you discover your truth and discover who you truly are in a daily basis and being open to that, you can begin to portray that.  Show the light within you. 

The 4th house is trust.  Trust in yourself. Trust is about confidentiality and expectations humanistically. You give them permission, or contract w/ them about something. You trust that they are going to follow through.  There is a confidence about your life that people need to have in you. Ultimately, the trust is about you. Do you trust yourself? Do you trust yourself to complete things?  Your trust is within yourself.  This is where fear comes in a great deal.  Love is the goal of all the lessons.  Fear is the lower level of all lessons.  How many trust yourselves completely? You are basically afraid of your soul and what your soul looks like. 

Compassion is the 5th house:  do you have compassion about yourself?  Seeing, feeling, understanding the emotionally, vibrationally the pains and struggles of others; AND THEN, attempting to do something about it. Having that inner compassion. It must take connectabillity to an issue.  You may see ads for certain issues, so you send them money.  You have the desire to help.  Do you have compassion for yourself?  Do you see your own lack of or abundance of compassion so that you can connect to the compassion within yourself so that you can further help yourself? Are you aware of compassion for yourself, or do you beat yourself up?  Do you value yourself?  What is the value of yourself? Do you trust yourself? Do you have enough compassion to feel the connectivity?  How many of you feel the connection to others more than to yourself?

Interestingly enough… this is where the recording stopped… 

Monday, January 3, 2011

December 29, 2010 meeting

The long distance healing for Indonesia is not our primary concern for this class.  Our primary focus is our personal healing. 

If you are interested in the journey to Indonesia, Chase will give you the itineraries. 
I’ve been neglectful during the two weeks we’ve been off.  That’s what we were afraid of during Christmas.

I’ve been doing the tones, but I’ve been distracted and have had trouble relaxing. 
I agree… there have been a lot of distractions.  How do we get back on track?  Listen to 2 weeks at once?  Yeah… that’s fine. Listen to two weeks at a time.
We had a snow day, and we can add a week to the tally. 
We began week 5 this week. 

During the first round (Primal), I was very aware of what was going on in my body.  This time, I’m not as aware.  Do we need to be awake for this or not?  Is the same affect happening if we are/are not awake?  The same things are happening.  You are being affected.  It’s alright if you’re not awake.  If the Indonesia trip is too much, don’t do it.  Your intentions are your primary focus.  You need to do an intention whether for your own process or for Indonesia. You are doing the same as you did for level 1. 

Can we have the same intention for the whole series?  Yes. Yes you can.  We discussed the 7 rules of setting an intention. They are on the blog. They are important to your healing process. The tones are a tool. The intentions are tools. Your ability to set intentions is a tool. Your ear phones are a tool. The sincerity that you put into the time is important.  If you join a gym and don’t go, you won’t see any difference.  This is the same.  You get out of it what you put into it.  Don’t blame the tones, Indonesia or anything else.  If you listen to the tones, you’re going to get something out of it. 
Please send healing to Shani’s cat Taz, and Miranda’s cat passed away recently, please send healing to Diva to assist her with her transition. 

I have a question about the Indonesia thing.  Every time I start my tones, I set an intent for myself and Indonesia.  I choose an experience from the sheet. Every time I do that, I wind up at a house on a beach working on a child.  It’s interesting and started during our down time, and I was walking on a beach.  I was approached to have a meal with a family.  Do I just follow that? Yes.  That’s what you’re there for.  You’re probably doing some wonderful healing. 
Sharon flew over, got an ear ache, went shopping, and got sick while she was there and had to fly home early.  She’s very sick right now.  She came back early from her journey.  It’s been profound how people are responding. 

I was shopping at Goodwill and found a shirt made in Indonesia.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  It’s not a coincidence.  It’s synchronicity at its best.
When we got tot eh hotel, I met my guide. She showed me a room at the end of the hotel that said “Oasis” on it, the room grows as more of us go to the room.  Another day we were there, and Hoss came in and started doing a meditation, and more and more people joined in and they all understood Hoss’ language. 

We have a great deal to discuss this evening.  We’ve been storing up information for you. 
The last time we met, we discussed a difference between spirit and soul.  We’ll clear that up tonight. We want to give you a better idea of what that is.  

The soul is a part of you that is a part of the universe.  It was given birth from the universe and is a living life force from the universal life force energy. OR… the bio magnetic electrical magnetic information receptive center. It was given birth at a certain time, and has gone into multiple lifetimes with you.  It carries the memory and spiritualness of your life. It holds the records of everything you’ve done and when you leave this lifetime, you will go back to the universal life force energies to review.  That way you see.  When you get into the middle chamber between the energies of life,  it takes time to absorb the meanings of things. When you go back to that world from this life time, it doesn’t take as long. When you become soulful, you automatically pick up the memory of what you were here to learn/ do. The review is already categorized and laid out. It hits the heart of your soul.  There will be total elation and glee in learning what you were meant to learn. If you don’t learn everything, there will still be joy in attempting to learn.  On this planet, you have a success/fail system. When you cross over, it’s not like that. “oh yes, I attempted.” Nothing is a negative. There is no judgment or condemnation.  Accomplishing everything in one lifetime has never, ever been done… by ANY soul.

The spirit is a humanistic form of living. It’s when you say “I have spirit living in me”. It’s a man made spirit that can be living because you made it so. You created it. It is part of the learning process. Spirit is a man made energetic energy. It’s the religiosity that has created spirit.  The whole concept is foreign to me. It can be foreign, but you understand it?  Yes, I understand it.

Does our soul move us? Your soul moves you. The spirit, if you believe it, can move you. The soul gets a little 2nd place in human thinking. In your religion, it’s the trilogy that gets credit.  Spirit is a part of the trinity that’s been created.  You don’t hear “Jesus, God and Soul”.  The soul is actually in charge.  The soul has all of the information for you. It’s ok that spirit has been created as long as you can follow and adhere to the practices of your religion.  Spirit is good, but the soul is the driving force.  It’s ok to believe spirit is the driving force, as long as you’ve got a driving force.  Healing is dealing with Body and Soul…

In the tonal system we’ve been discussing, the 7 cones within the bio magnetic electrical informational receptive centers: 

1.       Chakras (bio magnetic electrical informational receptive centers)
2.       DNA
3.       Live Plan
4.       Contracts
5.       Future lives
6.       Past lives
7.       Personality

We’ve talked a great deal about the rainbow in somewhat detail. We want to mention the DNA. It’s misunderstood a lot by lay persons. There is a lot about the DNA which is unknown by your scientific community. The DNA you have is not as solid as you may believe. It’s not fixed.  You know DNA can be altered. Did you know it can be changed by something as simple as sugar?  It can be changed with carbonation or alcohol.  It can be changed by salt, smoke or any earthly device.  When people are working on others for medical healing or creative healing can be altered. Those properties come from the universe.

Hands on or prayer work comve from the universe. When that’s done, it can change DNA.  If consumed enough over a length of time, your DNA can be changed or shifted with smoke, alcohol, sugar etc.  Eating a bag of sugar and listening to tones kind of counteracts the tones. Active participation is required.  That’s why we’re here… to participate in your life. Everything you do in this life is about you and only you.  Your spirit is here to heal the love and characteristics within you. That’s first. Once you’ve accomplished some of those, it will be passed energetically to others. You can only heal others minimally.  Some are more powerful than others.  Strong healers have probably completed more tasks in past lives than understood. When someone is NOT focusing on healing themselves and focused on pleasing others, counteracts our purpose on earth. Only within oneself do we achieve soulfulness. 

The DNA is very important during the tonal work. You probably wont be aware of altering your DNA, but your future and past will. Your children and grandchildren will. When you alter your DNA, you alter theirs as well. Everything is energetically connected as one.  It doesn’t alter the experience they’ve had, only the energy towards that experience. 

From 0 – 10 (10 being the most changed) you may not go from 4 – 10… you may only move up to 5 or 6.  You will know intuitively if you’ve moved to a 10 if you are aware enough.
We will discuss 3 of the 12 houses within each cone tonight:  Awareness, Control  & Esteem.
Within these houses, is your life plan. You have 12 houses. Part of your life plan is to learn positive aspects towards the houses.  Each aspect is in each cone.  Houses 1 – 12 have none stronger than the others.  They are all equal.  The houses are equal sizes & distances.  When you develop your life plan, you decide which of the 12 houses you want to experience.  They can overlap. They can be integral.  All of the 12 houses have to do with YOU and no one else.  It’s YOUR control, awareness and esteem.  It’s not the person sitting next to you, or family members.  It’s YOU.  You are here for you. That is a difficult concept for many humans. It sounds selfish… but it isn’t. Once your soul learns it’s lessons, it can return to theirs to help them more completely. Once you become complete, you can give back more and more.  You can give back to the universal energy life force.  That’s the long run… to return with complete love to the universe.  Healing your soul is your goal.  You were taught to be a human.  The accumulation of experiences is what your soul takes with it…not everyone else in the room.

Control:  one of the most difficult lessons to learn and control. It’s not better/worse… just more challenging to give up and go with the flow.  How many have looked at the clock since we’ve started? Looked at your watch? Wondered how much longer we will be.  How many want to know when breaks are, syllabus, how much longer they speaker will speak?  Those are control issues.  It’s not about telling people what to do, or being obsessive… it’s as simple as going and wondering how long you’ll be somewhere. You worry about when you’ll go to lunch, eat dinner, and who you’ll go with… it’s controlling your environment.  Control can be a very fine line.  It’s a big lesson to learn. People being controlled are learning from control… You learn to control very young. You learn to control your parents (cry).  You gain rewards for controlling people. You learn manipulation.  There are lessons under each lesson.  You learn to lie, tell fibs, not say things, and manipulate others.  There are a lot of layers in control. You cannot possibly think of all of the instances by today’s standards regarding control. What you can know is how much lesser or more you give up control and go more with the flow of life and not worrying about earthly things so much.  There is a responsibility that goes along with being human and you have to have these experiences to complete your life.  Almost everything has the control component in it. 

Awareness:  being aware of being aware.  How many have driven and don’t know where you are, but you are going?  Be aware of what’s happening with and around you. Be an active participant in your life and the life around you. The awareness when you come into contact and receive it from them is a great thing. If you’re not aware, you can’t give, teach, or learn.  Example:  you’re buying a home.  You look for the home, and you find one you like and want to rent or purchase. You begin the process of purchasing the home.  If you’re aware of what is being said and the surroundings if you should continue pursuing this property.  If you’re not aware, you may find out later that there are boundaries that you were not aware of initially.  Nothing is really owned.  When you’re aware of what’s going on around you, you’ll know when it’s time to stop.  You get something in the mail so you throw it away, a while later, you receive another notice but throw it away.  A while later you go somewhere and run into someone that keeps discussing the same issue.  Your awareness is being heightened.   How often does an idea enter your mind and then you have the opportunity arise.

Esteem:  self esteem.  It’s about the value that you place on YOU and other things, people, or entities.  The value. You make a judgment about yourself, other people places, things.  You place value on yourself:  “I’m not very good at that.  They are better”.  The value is your self esteem.  How do you value you?  Most of you don’t. The healing process is about you. It’s about you developing positive self esteem.  The universe needs your love, for you to heal YOU.  The value you place on you versus others is what you need to rise. 
The experiences in each wheel can be healed in each house, or at least rise the vibration. 

There is no judgment in the universe.  You are all loved greatly. 

They discussed spirit and soul and the tones deal with the body and soul only.  I was wondering, do they consider celestial to be part of the soul?  Celestial is the spiritual part, is that part of the spirit? Do they consider that part of the body?  Yes.
When people ask about their spirituality, are they talking about their soul?  The spirit is a belief system.  Prior to this time, spirit was considered part of the soul. The new age movement came around, and people turned away from organized religion.  Most humans cannot distinguish between spirit and soul.  Most of you have learned your spirit through some form of religiosity.  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 08, 2010 meeting


We’ve boarded the plane and are on our way to Indonesia. Chase was running late, but he caught up to us along the way. We are all flying first class…

I’m just kind of vegging out.

I decided to sit next to a different person on each leg of the flight to get the perspective of different people. Even though your husband isn’t “technically” supposed to be on the flight, is he on the flight? No. I left him behind.

Melinda was late… but she got there after the discussion started.

When we’re on the first class seats, we’re in “pods” not seats. In the pod is a TV, makeup drawer, a bed, a booty, toothpaste/ brush, combs, brushes, sheets, free cocktails, drinks, earphones… a world all your own for the flight. When you go East to West, you get jet lag. North and south, you shouldn’t get jet lag.

Barb provided some information on Bali: Sue is having a sale at her place this weekend. 237 NE Street in Lockerbie is the gift shop she’s promoting. Sue makes regular trips to Bali.

Kelly requested a prayer circle for my sister Kathi. Thank you to all who sent up prayers and energy her way. She is improving… baby steps…

Regroup… We’re back on the airplane. It was asked again if you were seeing others during the meditation. We have discussions. Another person – I was sitting with you, and in another leg, I was sitting w/ Shani.

Who else is sitting w/ someone they know on the airplane? I think I was running late.

A couple of people are sitting alone and have seen nobody from our group. A few others have seen others. One person had already had champagne, but without any friends. Sometimes we just need to chill out.

The itineraries were handed out for this week. 

Take your gear for hiking, camping etc. It’s summer in Indonesia… dress accordingly. Bring the fun stuff for camping. We will be hiking up and down. You take the schedule on your own. I won’t guide you each time. You have a tour guide on this trip: the group and your own. You also have an interpreter. See if you can stick together on this. We’re healing as a group. There is all kinds of things to look up on the internet. We’re taking boat trips, snorkeling, and hiking.

Indonesia is a 3rd world country. They are very poor. There are nice areas. Indonesia miniature park is a layout of the country… you can walk around the miniature of the country. It’s not a tabletop thing, it’s very large. That would give you an idea what you wanted to look at.

There are a lot of homeless children. We can meet up and send healing to the kids that have been orphaned. There is a lot of homeless. Haiti gets a lot of publicity, because they are closer. Indonesia is really in bad shape and there is more coming to them. Hopefully our group will help, slow or stop the energy there.

Its been interesting for me. I’ve not been so focused on travel. I’ve had this thought that this is where Atlantis was, and the healing relates to the healing that caused it to sink in the first place. If that’s where your guides want you to go in addition to our voyage, go. Go to Atlantis and Indonesia both.

While I was doing my journey, as I was setting my intentions, I noticed how easy it is to not remember the 7 steps. It’s important to have your intentions cognizant. Here are the 7 steps to set you intention:

1. Is it your truth? Can you honestly say this is my truth? We’ve each done this: when we marry, divorce, loss of a friend/ pet, major purchase.

2. Is it believable? Can it really happen or are you just making it up?

3. Clarity: Is the intention clear and concise?

4. Simplicity: break it down. Don’t over complicate your intention.

5. Conviction: Can you visualize your intention to its completion?

6. Timing: is your intention feasible at this time?

7. Faith: do you believe it can happen?

Intentions are important to create healing for one person, and we’re working on an entire nation. While you’re on your trip: see the tragic, but find the good and beauty as well.


We’re quite pleased about your journey that you’re taking to heal other parts of the world. You are healing every part of the world & atmosphere as you journey. It’s not just the earth, the the people, environment, and air. Indonesia has a lot of dirty air. Your healing is healing everything. Keep in mind, when you are in your own region, it’s the same thing. It goes all the way down. There is no depth, end to the healing. It is infinite.

About some of the things you are doing for yourself: you’re going to be doing some healing. You’ve been provided information to understand as best you can about that part of the world so you can have empathy, sympathy and compassion so that you can have the 7 steps of intention available. It’s one thing to say you do healing and another to understand the people and take some responsibility for them. You will develop a better appreciation if you research.

For yourself, you have the opportunity to do a great deal of personal healing on your life’s journey. This whole thing is about separating from the trip to Indonesia; you have more life plan choices than Indonesia does islands. This is a good metaphor: this 12 week period is about your personal life’s journey. Your personal life’s journey in this life time with a spirit of celestialness/ spiritfullness, soulfulness. It’s for your soul or spirit. This is about the birthing and moving of your personal spirit on its journey.

We may want to clarify: your spirit is a little bit different from your soul. Your spirit was given birth to by the universe… similar to a star. Your spirit is the same way. It chooses it’s life experiences. There are 199 options for your spirit. If you do your living w/ your spirit, then you can accomplish the spiritual goals before 199 lifetimes. Most reincarnate for the full 199 lifetimes.

For your lifetime, your spirit comes in, and makes it’s choices in a life plan. There is a chart. It is probably astounding to you to think about the planning involved with planning out a life. If you’re looking into the future, 200 years, and plan it, there are hundreds or hundreds of thousands of lives to make agreements with. That’s a lot of people. You had to make agreements for THIS lifetime, at least a thousand years ago. The older you are, the more people have left your life. Every person in your life has helped develop you. Influences have been made, daily, that you are not aware of. Celestial works on the spiritness of you, of your life, of your journey. You are learning from your own journey as well as the journey you are doing as a group. It’s important that you as a world speed things up. Time is becoming very limited.

It’s also important to do healing on yourself as well as the different hotspots around the Earth. Don’t get too wrapped up in having everything so visual. Relax and let the healing take place. When we worry, we get tight. We get uptight. The ego gets in the way. You may be healing in different ways. Be gentle and loving with yourself.

We’ll be talking about the wheels, but the 12 houses as well. The houses hold the information that we need to learn as a human. Try not to get into the mindset of stress. Your overall purpose is to bring love to the universe. On earth, that’s all you see. All you know is what you can see touch and feel. You don’t really know. There’s a lot going on. It’s often EXTREMELY violent. Creating this earth was violent. The rest of the universe is violent (in your minds). The universe is constantly moving. The energy is very strong. Think of this planet as a micro-organism at the bottom of the ocean, and the ocean is the universe. “Horton Hears a Who” is similar.

Your spirit, soul and being collectively, are potentially healing the universe… calming the waters with love. Love is only a word we use. You get the sense of the more appropriate term when you transition. Sometimes those who meditate feel it. Magnify that feeling of oneness. It’s non-wanting, non-judging. It’s elevated to the highest beyond your imagination… but we’ll settle for love. It’s unconditional.

For this timeframe, you are here for your own journey as well as the journey to Indonesia. Some of the 7 wheels and 12 houses will be taken with you on your journey. We will explain it to you so that you understand.

The channel sent out a group hug from the universe. We were led through a group meditation which focused truly on ourselves. Once we love, trust, have faith in ourselves, we can love, trust, have faith in anything.

They said the spirit and soul are different, and discussed the spirit, but not the soul? Yeah… they will explain that more later.

They said that healing goes all the way down… doesn’t it go around the Earth? Yes…